Life On The Farm

Hello to everyone.  I am very new to blogging but I am anxious to try my hand at this. If you remember the show Green Acres you will probably enjoy this little story as it unfolds.  For the last four years my family and I have been learning to farm.  We retired from our jobs, moved to North Carolina and bought a family farm.  Now I use the term farming loosely because we are all very new to the process.  We have had a wonderful time so far learning about what farmers actually do.

It is spring time in North Carolina and every day when I wake up it is more beautiful than the previous day.  I left for a week and when I came home all the Easter flowers had bloomed and the grass was so green I could not believe my eyes. All the trees are starting to burst forth with buds and leaves and everything is starting to peek through the ground.

We have eleven head of cattle and one donkey.  We have fourteen laying hens and we just purchased 18 baby chicks.  The chicks are the cutest things and we love those eggs.  We have a dog Tilly and she was rescued by our local humane society. We got her about three years ago and she is absolutely the best dog ever!  Tilly was our first animal on the farm and after we got her we started to acquire the other animals little by little.  We also have two beautiful ducks that live on our pond.

Since we are in a learning process with the farm we have to take baby steps.  We grow most of our vegetables and preserve them for the winter months.  We preserve between 600 and 800 jars of food in the summer and fall.  Some of the food we canned we would not do again but for the most part we have loved everything we have put up for the long cold winter months.

We can green beans, sweet potatoes, jam, jelly, pickle relish, jalapenos, sweet peppers, sweet pickles, dill pickles, beets, tomatoes, tomato juice, bloody mary mix, blueberries, peaches, pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, and vegetable soup.  I have probably left something out but I will think of it later.

As we start our spring here at the farm I will tell you about what we do every day and keep you up to date on what we consider to be a family adventure.  Our grandchildren think there is no better place in the world. Maybe not up there with Disney World but who can compete with that?

Don’t be a stranger pour a cup of coffee or a glass of ice cold tea and join my family on our past and present farm adventures.  I hope to share recipes, food processing, planting, harvesting, and selling produce with my blogging family.  Talk to you soon.

Farm transportation
Farm transportation
Beautiful Ducks
beautiful herd of cattle
Herd of cattle
Laying hens.  Best eggs in the world!
Laying hens. Best eggs in the world!
Welcome to the family farm
Welcome to the family farm
baby chicks
baby chicks

7 thoughts on “Life On The Farm

  1. Carolyn and Uncle Lee–So glad you are enjoying being NC farmers. I think about you every time I pass through Yadkin Valley area. Melea


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