Lee’s Bees

Another adventure is about to unfold on the farm. We have had a wonderful spring this year. There has been some rain but April showers bring May flowers. April is over and it’s about time to start doing a million things that we do every year at this time but the other day we decided to do something a little different.

We love honey and we buy it all the time so we though why not just buy some bees and make our own honey. Now this is a great idea right?  How hard can it be to take care of bees and get some of that wonderful fresh honey?

When we start a new project, my husband is great at doing research so that we will know exactly what to expect. Nothing we have ever done on the farm is as easy as we think it is going to be. Now the good news is that somehow it usually turns out perfectly fine. We now have a book called Bee Keeping for Dummies.

Lee also talked to some guys in the area that keep bees and found out some really useful information. People  here always seem to want to help anyone who is interested in taking on another project, whatever it may be.  We now have 2 hives of bees.

There is lots for us to learn about bees and bee keeping but we thought we would share a little information about this new adventure with you.  Basic needs of a honey bee are food, water, and a secure home to hold a comb. Population of a hive in the dead of winter is 10-20,000 bees but in the height of summer the population will reach between 60-70,000 bees.

There are 3 types of bees in a hive  a queen bee, workers bees, and drones. The queen bee is the heart and soul of the colony. Without her the rest of the colony cannot survive. Drones are for procreation and they are high maintenance and must be cared for by the worker bees. Last but not least are the worker bees. Worker bees are team players, and they gladly go from one task to another from the minute they are born. A worker bee will produce only 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime but it is liquid gold.

We are so excited about having the bees and our own honey. This time next year  we will be  taking the honey form the bees. I’m thinking maybe this morning is the time for hot biscuits, butter and honey. Join us later in the week for our next adventure.

DSC00013 DSC00015 DSC00012 DSC00009 DSC00016 IMG_2931

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