Tilly, our dog, is such a wonderful addition to our farm family. We found her online at the Davie County Humane Society and as soon as we saw her face we knew she was the one for us. She was very nervous the first few times my husband and I went to visit her but she became the best dog a family could ever hope to adopt. We were told at the shelter she was Great Pyrenees mix, but we didn’t really care about breed as long as she was good with the grandchildren and other people. She has turned out to be such a great dog.

She is always ready for a walk, a belly rub, or a swim in the creek or the pond. She was the first animal we had on the farm and we are so glad we decided to start with her. She and I take walks and I tell her all my secrets and she’s very good at keeping them. Tilly finds her way into the heart of everyone who visits the farm with that sweet disposition and beautiful face.

She enjoys her life on the farm and our lives have certainly been enriched by her unconditional love.

Thanks for stopping by again. Talk to you soon.

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