IMG_0206pop pop's helperDSC00015IMG_0214BLUEBERRIES ARE HERE! One of my most favorite things at the farm is the first day we pick blueberries. We don’t spray the berries with any pesticides so when we start picking and EATING, it is so much fun. We take the grandchildren to the patch with us so we can all  eat blueberries until we are about to POP. This is our fourth year picking blueberries and it is still very exciting to go up to blueberry hill and find that they are ripe and we can start eating them. We have 600 blueberries bushes in the first section and last year we planted 250 more bushes.

This week my husband went to the Mocksville Farmers Market for the first time this year and sold blueberries we had picked that morning.  Tomatoes are really starting to come in and they are so juicy and delicious. Enjoying the food from the farm is one of the many pleasures of life.IMG_2482DSC00015IMG_2611Adelie and Beau picking blueberries

As you get older your priorities change and the little things in life mean so much. Seeing a grandchild pick blueberries for the first time or just seeing them running around the yard with the dog is such as pleasure. Sharing dinner with friends and family that you haven’t seen in a few days or weeks is a blessing that we should cherish every day. Time goes by so fast and our memories become our treasures.

Taking pictures at farm is very important because we all love to get together and sit around and look at them and reminisce, so we hope you enjoy the pictures we put on the blog. Until next time hope you are enjoying the summer and if you have a garden hope you are enjoying the fruits of your labor.

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