Farmers Market

I am sitting here this morning drinking my coffee, writing my blog and waiting on the rest of my family to wake up so we can share a big country breakfast. This is a special time for us because two of our grandchildren will be spending a few weeks with us before school starts. Taking grandchildren to a farmers market is a great way for them to talk to the vendors and learn about the food they eat. Not everyone knows what a labor of love growing and harvesting can be.

Going to the farmers market to buy or sell produce is such a privilege. Everyone offers the best of the best from their harvest to their customers. The vendors we meet and the customers are a delight. Every week is an adventure because someone is sure to have something new to share with us. The produce is the best you can buy anywhere and so are the baked goods.

The farm has been selling blueberries since the middle of July and some squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Everything that we do not sell we eat or we preserve. We have already frozen and canned several items.

Everyone is our family loves to go to the markets not just to sell our produce but to meet the other vendors and see all the goodies they have for sell. Farmers Markets not only have fruits and vegetables, but also many craft items and fresh cut flowers. Sometimes at the end of market vendors trade items. My husband is very thoughtful and last week he traded blueberries for fresh cut flowers for me.IMG_0003 IMG_0010 IMG_0002 IMG_0018 fresh produce

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